100 % Guarantee

100 % of the money raised through registration fees, donations, and our Creeper Challenge teams will go to a local cancer patient in need!
How is this possible?  All the money raised through the Ryan Dixon Memorial - Creeper Challenge is donated to the Cancer Outreach Foundation in memory of Ryan Dixon.  A group of board members from the Foundation will make donations and seek corporate sponsors for this event.  That money will be used to cover our expenses like T-Shirts, Goody Bags, Insurance Fees, Permits, etc.  All the money raised through this website, registration fees or tickets, donations, Creeper Challenge teams, etc will be put directly into a patient assistance fund.  That money will only be used to help local cancer patients and will not go to any type of payroll, organization fees, office expenses.
That is our 100 % Guarantee and it means every ticket you buy and every dollar you raise will really be going to someone right here in our area that needs help!
To find out more about the Cancer Outreach Foundation or if you know someone that is battling cancer and could use some help please visit: http://www.canceroutreachfoundation.com