Who we are...
Living with cancer is challenging, even without the additional stress of covering the cost of prescriptions, home care, transportation or other essential services when insurance coverage or finances may be limited. The Cancer Outreach Foundation was created to assist cancer patients and their families in southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee by providing support when other options are not available. Our growing range of services is designed to help people living with cancer feel the strength of a supportive and caring community.

Our Mission...
The Cancer Outreach Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. The Foundation's innovative programs benefit local residents in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.

Our Mission is:

To provide financial assistance with cancer patients' essential living expenses and transportation;

To provide help in covering medication costs;

To provide assistance for children who have cancer and/or a parent with cancer;

To provide available options for uninsured cancer patients; and

To provide emotional support and counseling for patients and family members